I am lucky enough to have had the best job in the world.  For 13 years, I was the Children’s Librarian for the Grand County Public Library in Moab, UT. I have read a thousand books to children and teens.  It is my greatest joy to share literature and creative writing with children. When my mother’s Alzheimer’s began manifesting itself, I moved closer to my parents to remind my mother every day what an amazing woman she is. When I left Moab, we had Cake Day and everyone signed a huge cutout of Harrison Ford. There is no greater joy than knowing people “get you.”  

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of General Studies with an Emphasis in English. I study creative writing through webinars, conferences, and Master Classes. I enjoy writing essays and children’s stories. I have been known to turn the A/C down so I can write in my Taylor Swift folklore sweater. When I am driving alone, I rehearse being interviewed by Oprah or Drew Barrymore.

I spent most of my thirties and forties feeling like the world’s worst mother. I have learned hard lessons through trial (literally–my son was arrested at age 16 for attempted homicide) and error. It took many years and many errors for us to receive the diagnosis that gave me solace from the shame. Sean was diagnosed with bipolar disorder one month before the tragic events that have shaped our lives.

It is difficult to determine if sharing is caring when the stories belong to a whole family, but I always intend to care. I tell the stories that are significant to others who may be suffering in silence as I did for so long. I thought that, like a medical issue, any member of the mental health profession would triage the situation and give us the help we needed. That is not always the case with mental health issues. It is confusing and oftentimes scary to navigate alone. I aim to share my experiences, listen to your stories, laugh, and cry with you. My ultimate goal is to help you see what is possible and count the smiles along the way.