My Favorite Valentine’s Story

Dance Lessons My friend asked me if I wanted to be introduced to a man that she knew. She said he did not seem to have any mental health issues. She liked him well enough, but he lives in my town, not hers.  I thought about it. I must be honest; dating makes me nauseous– like […]

Alzheimer’s Disease and the Gift of Recognition

As I watched my mother disappear, I was so inspired by the woman she became. I was able to recognize endearing traits in this child-like, scared, and fragile woman. Every day I went to be with her was a gift. Here are some of the moments I was able to hold in my mind. She […]

Mental Health and The Medication Conundrum

After speaking with us for a few minutes, the doctor recommended a medication. She talked of the side effects and cautioned that it would be a few weeks before we would see an improvement. I thought of the warning friends offer when the topic of medication comes into a conversation, “No one should have to take a pill to be happy- you just choose to be happy!” To those people, I say congratulations for being so blessed in your life that you may simply choose to be happy, and it is so.

Coping with grief

When my neighbor from Moab called to tell me her husband had passed away, I was heartbroken. I was so sad. I hate regret and feeling like I had lost something valuable, but that is precisely how I felt. I had lost my chance to say thank you for allowing me to borrow every tool […]

Mental Health Awareness

When my son was young, I never thought of mental health disorders. I looked at his behavior and asked what was different about him than my other children. I honestly did not need a name or a label for it. I recognized the differences and thought I could love and teach him what he needed […]

Who we think we are

A few years ago, my daughter returned from Italy with a stack of what she called ‘Street Art” –pieces of art sold on the streets of Venice and Florence. She handed me a photo. It was a woman with an umbrella going downstairs. It touched me in a way that I had trouble expressing in […]