My Favorite Valentine’s Story

Dance Lessons My friend asked me if I wanted to be introduced to a man that she knew. She said he did not seem to have any mental health issues. She liked him well enough, but he lives in my town, not hers.  I thought about it. I must be honest; dating makes me nauseous– like […]

Alzheimer’s Disease and the Gift of Recognition

As I watched my mother disappear, I was so inspired by the woman she became. I was able to recognize endearing traits in this child-like, scared, and fragile woman. Every day I went to be with her was a gift. Here are some of the moments I was able to hold in my mind. She […]

Coping with grief

When my neighbor from Moab called to tell me her husband had passed away, I was heartbroken. I was so sad. I hate regret and feeling like I had lost something valuable, but that is precisely how I felt. I had lost my chance to say thank you for allowing me to borrow every tool […]

Who we think we are

A few years ago, my daughter returned from Italy with a stack of what she called ‘Street Art” –pieces of art sold on the streets of Venice and Florence. She handed me a photo. It was a woman with an umbrella going downstairs. It touched me in a way that I had trouble expressing in […]